Well, this is the about section. If you are reading this then you must be interested in me and my photography! So welcome and get cozy as we dive down the rabbit hole! Where to start? Well my name is Jason and I am the owner and aspiring photographer of Jason Kvame Photography but it hasn’t always been so. But before we get started on my Journey to here and there lets talk about the now and Jason Kvame Photography.

Jason Kvame Photography

So, what is Jason Kvame Photography you might be asking yourself. Jason Kvame Photography is well me. Bad jokes aside. Jason Kvame photography is a photography studio that aims to capture life’s many memories and milestones in gorgeous detail, colors, and in high contrast scenarios while offering premium service, gorgeous locations, and predictable image deliver schedule. I don’t think anyone should have to wait more then 2 weeks for there images no matter if it is a portrait session or 1000 images from a weddings. Jason Kvame Photography was originally called Elysium Photography but rebranded it in 2016 to modernize it and bring the image to a more professional level.


And now… Me…

I am currently a part time photographer that works during the weekdays for a pretty good company all the way in Seattle. My time is photographing, working, and raising my daughter Zoe (aka a wild animal) with my wife Jessica. I have tons of interest and expertise to say the least but I would say the thing that describes me the most is I am a photographer. I work on cars, I hike, I travel, I program-ish, I am an excel expert, photoshop, webdesign, and the list goes on but what stands above everything is that I am a passionate photographer. Currently I do photograph everything but there are definitely things that I specialize in and I am always evolving as a photographer.

Photography in the making

Now for the history of it. Or as I say my Journey to here. Long ago I wasn’t a photographer and wouldn’t really call myself that but I document everything with a really crappy point and shoot camera that basically just gave me a bunch of really terrible images for the most part. But as fortune has it I saved up enough and got a starting DSLR camera from Costco of all places which is a tale in it’s own on many levels. Between an exorbitant price that plummeted just 6 months after buying it and outside of Costco’s new return police on electronics and a manufacturing defect leaving me stranded on a mountain top under a clear night sky without a working camera, the journey to say the least was definitely rocky start. Overall the camera was mostly a dud as I outgrew it in no time. It’s capabilities were limited and cumbersome for anyone trying to grow and learn. But it still served it’s purpose in guiding me to the next camera which was an used D700 and for the most part… Perfection… but lacking in the new technology and higher resolution that everyone wants these days. But everything about it was amazing. So after randomly deciding to just quit work and become full time in 2014 without any client base or anything I netted a large income despite everything and was already upgrading to my camera now. Which isn’t perfection but still a great camera. I still don’t understand why Nikon thought it was a good idea to put the “Quality” button in between the “ISO” and “White Balance”. There is never a reason to change the photo quality that I know of but you do have to change white balance and ISO all the time. So… well yeah. Ranting over on that. Circumstances changed and so did I. With a kid coming an unpredictable income wasn’t an option anymore. Had to get full time employment and put photography as a side job. A few years later I am still here photographing away and learning how to be a better photographer. But now I also have a 3 year old model to work with.